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Sora (Oh no) [10 Mar 2008|11:50am]
So it's been about a month since I've been married and it's not SO~ bad. I mean he's over protective and Kyo still tries to kill him. Which at times it's freaking hysterical, but I have an obligation to protect his ass. I don't know why I didn't just divorce the moment I woke up.

It's probably because that day a month ago he's been ever so sweet to me. Though he's really got to stop hitting on all those other girls. GGGRRRRR Bitches need to back off my husband. . .OMG I didn't just type that. GAH, Ok this has gotten really bad My mood have been out of whack and a for the passed couple of days I have been sent home (more like to Gackt's room) early because I've been getting REALLY~ sick. I haven't been able to eat anything and keep it down.

But then again who could with the carvings I've been having, chocolate with peanut butter covered pickles. . .ew! Or the extra cheese pizza I had last night with m&ms and anchovies.. .oh god hold on. . . .

Sorry about that, the thought of that last thing just made me sick.

Anyhoo I've been given the rest of the week off and I had all of last week off. Joe seems to be really nice. Then again I've been working at this hotel for a couple months now. Plus I think Kurai has said something to him, which I'm thankful for.

I've been spending alot of time with Jaejoong, Minwoo, Shinya, and Hannie these pass couple days. They've all been acting really weird lately and I'm not quite sure why. Whatever. . .I just thought of something now that I reading this over. I think I might be pregnant. Oh Gods what if I am excuse me again. . .

Ok so I've come back from the bathroom and left this thing running. It's been 15 minutes and . . .can I jump off a fucking roof now. The blue line show up I'm pergnant. . .three tests later and all show I'm pregnant. FUCK. . .who's the father. . .I mean the time with Shinya, JaeJoong, and Rose all had there fun then and didn't use protection. Magumi would KILL me if it was Hyde, But I think he did use protection. . .Or it could be Gackt's oh god how and I going to figure this one out.

Better yet how am I going to tell my husband. Right "Hey love I'm pregnant and I'm not sure if it's yours." Yea that'll go over like a bull in a china shop.

Kuri what am I to do. . .
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Kurai [03 Mar 2008|09:46pm]
He married my sister. The fucker married my sister. I thought you could only get married while drunk off your ass in VEGAS! I'mma kill a bitch...

*points up* That's pretty much all I was thinking when Sora-chan told me what happened.

...Then she showed me the gigantic rock on her finger, and my thoughts immediately ground to a screeching halt, then began circlng around a whole other subject entirely:

I wonder how much we could get if we pawned that thing?

Honestly, as Sora is not actually related to me, and I really don't actually give a flying fuckstick about her love life... Even though it is Gag... As long as he never, ever, EVER hurts her in ANY way at ALL... I suppose I'll let him keep his nads.

But Kyo might have different plans. XD

At least I don't have to listen to her whine about being single anymore. She married a rich guy. I say, "Nice going, sis! Milk 'im for all he's worth!"

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop making fun of him, and I'm sure as HELL not going to stop Kyo from trying to kill him, because that's FUN. XD I'll just... be sure not to actually hurt him myself...


I'm totally waiting for an excuse, though. The fact that he married my baby sis (while they were both shitfaced! >.<) just opened him up to a whole new world of hurt. I'm telling you, if she sheds even ONE tear because of him, they'll be picking bits of him out of the harbor for WEEKS.
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Ok so from I remember: Shinya, dildo, Gackt's face, and now apparently Gackt's bed... Naked. with Hyde on the other side.

Ok so here's what happened from what I remember. So we all got massively shit faced...which doesn't take much for me, and between me, Kurai, and all sorts of people that I can't recall, we cleared out a liquor store. So I started with the worst possible because it was my night to deal with Gackt. WHINE~!

So after a few drinking games with ShinDong, ShiWon, Junsu, and dare I say ManHo *CoughimeanYounhocough* (Who Later I found pissing in the sink. Fucking Korean redneck). We were playing some weird Korean drinking game that involved shot glasses and frying pans (which I had to get from the kitchen).

I have just one word for those who are really bad at games. . .OW! After eighteen shots and fifteen shots to the head with the damn frying pan, I decided that it was time to quit. Thank goddess I stopped when I had I didn’t need anymore dain bramage. . .I mean brain damage. . .god dammit!

Anyways, I managed to stumble my way to the pool area and to my surprise what did I find, Shinya-sama chasing and being chased by Changmin-oppa. They both had what looked to be. . .Drumsticks. . .WTF?! Then as they ran passed me I also noticed an irate Minwoo-oppa yelling after them. (Oh so those must have been his. . .OMFG inappropriate use of Rose’s drumsticks) I loved the way my mind worked when I was drunk.

Getting back to what I was saying, my eyes were glued to the three men running around. Two of which seemed to be playing . . .Harry Potter. . .apparently with the third’s said drumsticks. Poor Minwoo-oppa, now I know how he feels. One minute I’m watching the three of them and the next thing I know I have a giant fuchsia dildo in my face. I turned enough to see that it was Heechul-oppa that was the one holding it.

Heechul-oppa stood there and smiled as he held the obscenity in my direction. He told me I was going to need it. I could only think for a moment what he meant by that. I held out my hand to hit him in the arm for the comment but he grabbed ahold of it and before I could pull my hand away he placed said dildo in my hand and walked away. All I could think of at that moment was 'I don't care how hot he is I just hope this thing hasn't been used'. Just as I thought that I heard Shinya-sama yell "Dildous Maximus" and that's when I knew what Heechul-oppa meant.

Now I will tell you straight that I am not the best person to throw stuff when I'm drunk. Or even sober for that matter. For you see as hard as tried to throw it to Shinya-sama's outstretched hand, instead it was going to end up hitting Changmin-Oppa. I will tell you now that boy is a monkey. He crouched down into a really odd position and the dildo went right passed him. I thought that I was in the clear until I heard the *THUD* and *UMPH*

Gackt was standing there holding the side of his face. When I looked down I saw the dildo sat by his feet. The only thought running though my mind at that point was 'OH Shit!'. . .Ok so that wasn't the only thing that was going through my mind. The other thought was, 'HA Bitch-slapped by a pink dildo CLASSIC'.

I tried so hard to hold back my laughter but being drunk it was ten times harder. So I stood there and laughed my ass off unaware of the things and people around me, and the next thing I knew I was shoved against the wall behind me. . .hard and then next thing I knew I had a pissed off Gackt in my face.

"Gomen, gomen, gomen!" Was the only thing I could think to say as he stood there and glared at me as had me pinned to the wall.

Now I will be the first to admit that Gackt was pretty hot, especially when he was pissed off. And being the truthful drunk I was admitted it to him. Apparently he thought I was hitting on him because all of a sudden his face softened (Probably because I was crying since I was afraid of what he might do to me. Not that Neechan would let him.), his right hand caressed my cheek and all of a sudden his lips were tasting mine and his tongue down my throat.

I would usually protest but again being drunk and the fact that his lips were ssssssssssssooooooooooo soft, I could help but reply. I jumped up into his arms and wrapped myself around him. Thank goddess he's got fast reflexes or my ass would have been on the floor. Next thing I knew he was carrying me off to somewhere. I had no idea where we were heading because the alcohol had finally caught up with me and I don’t remember a damn thing from there.

This morning I woke up to find myself tangled up in Gackt’s arms. . . Naked. I damned myself for being so damn cuddly. Just as I went to lift my left arm I noticed this huge rock on my finger with an engraving that said 'Property of Camui Gackt with wub.'

I felt him shift and heard something hit the floor. . .oh god please no. . . I leaned over him slowly so not to wake him and looked down at the floor there was only one thought that went through my mind at that moment was 'please let this be some sort of sick joke.' but when I saw the signature I knew that it wasn't. I was now OFFICIALLY married to Gackt.

If that wasn't bad enough I had felt a second pair of arms wrap around me. I turned slightly to see. . .Ok so a naked Hyde isn't all that bad. I heard two groans from either side of me. One being Gackt to say "good morning love" and the other was Hyde to say, "Morning you two love birds"

At that point I wanted to cry. My goddess what have I gotten myself into. I wonder what Neechan will say.

(Kurai's note: I'm impressed. I hardly had to change anything at all. Her spelling has gotten way better. Now if she'd just learn to be better with her grammar... Honestly, there wasn't much I could do with this, even with what did have to be changed, so aside from fixing some capitalization problems and the odd spelling error, I basically left it alone.)
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Himitsu [28 Dec 2007|02:47pm]
So. I discovered that Rose gets upset when people take his drumsticks...especially when they're drunk. Apparently, he doesn't have any extras, and he has the firm belief that if they break, he'll never find ones that are as good as the ones he has now.

Which is cute, in a sort of OCD paranoid way. But after K-chan so lovingly made him upset, I decided to follow him and see if I could make him feel better.

...I was drunk and he was pretty, what can I say? I've got a soft spot in my heart for the sad pretty ones. And after he got over being upset, Rose was actually pretty cute; he played an impromptu solo for me on random items in the room, and it was totally adorable.

'Course, I prefer playing in tandem...and dancing with Rose was quite fun. Heh.

Waking up to Die poking me in the forehead, though, and asking if I was dead? Not so fun. Apparently I fell out of bed in the middle of the night, and Rose didn't notice. Neither did I, for that matter; being drunk sort of makes me sleep like a rock, thank god, because I hadn't been getting enough sleep with all the insanity going on.

At least after he had poked me repeatedly, until I called him an idiot and convinced him I was alive, Die grinned and kissed me. Bastard...how is he not hungover? He had straws up his nose! That's pretty wasted, if you ask me, and when Satsuki yanked that one out...oh god that was nasty, for sure.

Anyways, my evening wasn't as fun as some of the other people's, I'm sure...but it was fun for me. I wonder what the day will bring?
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Kurai [27 Dec 2007|01:46am]
Everyone knows Die is hilarious when he's drunk ("I'm a fwakkin wobstaa, BITCH!"), but I'd like to tell you a little-known fact...

Shinya's funnier.

Please try to save the incredulous comments for after I explain, and remember: I damn near had a heart attack myself when I saw this. I mean, I've seen him act dorky, but this was HILARIOUS.

You see, a drunken Shinya has no inhibitions, no concience, and definitely no grip on reality whatsoever.

I didn't see much of this side of him when we played that drinking game in the hall a while back, because the man has a tolerance almost as high as mine. Neither of us were drunk by the end of that game, though I admit we were a little tipsy.

This time, we completely cleared out a packey, and it was gone in one night. Mostly thanks to me, Kang Ta (man's a fish, I swear), and of course, one Terachi Shinya.

So, Shin-chan finally drinks enough to get drunk, right? And the first thing he does is strip, put his boxers on his head, and declare himself King of the Dolphin People. Then, as if to back up his claim, he runs up the stairs to the top of the water slide (we were drinking next to the pool again, since that's the only room that will fit all of us alcoholics), screams "POPSICLE ATTACK" (wtf?) in the squeakiest voice I've ever heard in my life, and slides down head-first.

I laughed so hard I fell on the floor, and took Sayuri and Hi-chan with me. For a while there, we kinda ended up stuck in a tangled ball of drunk, giggling maid, and when we finally managed to straighten ourselves out, I saw something that made me damn near piss myself laughing. Again.

Shinya and ChangMin each had one of Rose's drum sticks (I know they were his because he kept chasing them around and screaming at them to give them back) and they were running around the room, alternating between sword-fighting and "casting spells" on each other. (they got the Harry Potter "swish and flick" movement right, but I somehow doubt there's any mention of "Itchio" or "Uglius" in the movies or the books. I mean, I haven't read them, but it really doesn't seem likely)

Mind you, Shinya still had his underwear on his head, only by this time, he somehow ended up with a slipper on one foot. ChangMinnie had the other on his free hand and was using it to smack Henry upside the head every time they passed him.

Oddly enough, when Shinya yelled "dildous maximus", the biggest dildo I've ever seen actually flew out of nowhere and hit Gackt in the face. It would have hit ChangMin, had he not struck an odd pose in preperation for his next "spell" just in time.

It wasn't until the next morning that I found out Sora had thrown said dildo, and had actually been aiming for Shinya's outstretched hand.

Eventually, Satsuki got sick of the Harry Potter shit, yanked one of Die's straws out of his nose, and waved it at the offending musicians, yelling "AVADA CADABRA! I win. Shut the fuck up."

ChangMin mumbled something about pronounciation, but stopped, and Rose, having gotten his precious drum sticks back, left the room, muttering something about "the crackheads SM puts out" and "glad I left".

Of course, I'm a nice person, so, thinking I was being helpful, I cheerfully pointed out that Shinya is not, and never has been, under SM.

Rose hasn't spoken to me since.

To be honest, I have no idea what happened after that. All I know is I suddenly ended up with a lapful of warumono, who I immediatenly picked up and carried to the nearest room where we stayed for the remainder of the night.

The next morning, I showered in the room (with Kyo, of course), borrowed some of ShinDong's clothes (I'm still not sure how he ended up in bed with us, as I don't recall seeing him before I woke up that morning, but he's cuddly, so it's all good), and took my uniform down to the laundry room to be washed. The girls and I regrouped there, and that was the first I'd seen of them since falling on Yuri and Himi the night before, so if you wanna know what they were doing, you'll have to ask them.
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Sayuri (Happy Holidays!) [25 Dec 2007|09:07pm]

    Hey there... I'm Sayuri. Kurai, Sora, and I met about three and a half years back and we've always shared a love for Japanese and Korean music (and the musicians XD). After a good amount of time trying to get hours at my other job, Kurai suggested I get a job at the hotel she worked at. She seemed to be hiding something when she made the suggestion, but I didn't think too much of it. Needless to say, my first day was astounding.

    When Kurai told me I'd enjoy the job, she definitely wasn't kidding. I ascended the stairs earlier to discover we had a whole ton of REALLY HOT visitors. At first, that was all I caught through all of the movement.
    That is, until I saw Kyo. Eyes wide, I decided to introduce myself.

    "K-Konnichiwa, Kyo-sama," I stuttered, "Watashi wa Sayuri desu."

    He smiled. He fucking smiled. And it was amazingly adorable. I couldn't tell HIM that, though... That would make me seem way too fangirly. Don't want to scare him off.

    As I stood, conflicted over what to say next, Kyo's expression changed. At first I thought he was somehow reading my mind or something, but then I noticed his eyes weren't meeting mine at all. Turning around, I saw Gackt standing about five feet away. Within moments they were at each other's throats. I couldn't help but laugh as Kyo started maiming Gackt in the most amazing ways (you can tell he's not my favorite star, huh?)

    Deciding I should actually do some cleaning (after taking a few gory pictures and videos with my camera phone XD), I entered a room to see a fucking orgy of hot Asians. Remembering my boyfriend, I decided to stay out of it, but it was an interesting sight (to say the least). After a little while of watching, and some random tidying up, I left the room and entered the one next door.
    Inside this room, Lexy, BoA, and Hyori were going at it on the bed. This was probably the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life, and will probably continue to be so. The whole thing was very S&M... Bondage, knives... As I said, the hottest thing EVER. I was invited to play cards with some guys who weren't going at it in the next room, but I couldn't really focus with that thought in my head... I don't even remember which guys they were or who won, just that I had seen one of the most amazing things EVER in the other room.

    I've kind of been adding to this entry little bits at a time over the past two hours as my mind has attempted to sort through all of the events of the day... I have to say this was the most interesting day of work I've ever had (and I'm definitely looking forward to MANY more ^-^)
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Kurai (sick of me yet? XD) [23 Dec 2007|11:13pm]
Okay, since she brought up the ass-slapping thing, I'd like to explain something real quick: Titties and I are not actually related. We've been friends for years and are as close as sisters, but we're not actually sisters. Got it? Good.

NOW. I am both irritated and amused at the moment. Irritated because Titties seems determined to ruin my friendship with YooChun by continuously bringing up our past relationship (don't even ask) and the rather unpleasant way it ended... and amused because she's the only one in the hotel who's actually still bothering to clean the place. XD

The way I see it, they're not gonna be staying forever (though I'd love it if they would), so rather than be a nuisance and try to clean around them when it's just gonna get messed up again anyway, I've opted to get paid to hang out with them and do pretty much whatever they want, and I've convinced Hi-chan to do the same (didn't take much XD). We'll clean when they check out. Right now, there's no point.

So... the newest adventure at the Carver...

Singing lessons from YehSung. Yes, I convinced him. All it took was a blow job.

Just kidding! I actually haven't done anything with him, except a few perfectly innocent hugs and kisses.

For some reason, he was more than happy to help me improve my singing. Makes me wonder how bad I was... >.>;; He's been a big help, though, both with helping me control my voice, and giving me more confidence in myself.

I sang in front of BoA, Lina, TaeBin, JaeJoong, and SeHeon. None of them cringed. This is a VERY big accomplishment for me. The only stars I'd sang for before were Kyo, YooChun, and HeeChul. Since I've slept with all three of them, I figure they're biased. XD

OH! Speaking of HeeChul, he offered to teach me how to dance. I thought he was joking and laughed so hard I had to lean on him to stay standing. Now he won't talk to me. T-T

So anywho, I finally got Hi-chan away from Die and Han long enough to join me, Kumi, and Lexy in a game of strip-poker. Kumi lost. But since most of the boys were watching, I think she lost on purpose.

After Sora mopped up the drool, a big group of us hung out next to the pool and played Truth or Dare. With alcohol, of course. We somehow convinced Rose to play, saying the booze would only be used as a penalty for refusing to do a dare or answer a question...

Props to the boy for staying perfectly sober, considering five minutes into the game, he was stark naked and had to sit on Mana's lap for the rest of the night. (Mana wasn't too pleased. Neither was Hyde. Rosie was just embarassed XD)

For the first time in years, I actually got drunk enough that I don't remember anything that happened after that. I'll have to go torment Sora until she gives me the tape, because I KNOW she was filming it all. XD
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Himitsu (long time no see, eh?) [23 Dec 2007|09:05pm]
Right. So I've been busy (and not doing what all of you are thinking, you pervs). I actually have been working on applying for new schools and things, and enjoying my time at the hotel.

Okay, yes, there has been some fun with Die and HanKyung SungMin and Tora and Saga...but I've been working too. The boys are a gas; we mostly communicate with sign language, since none of them speak very much English and I obviously speak rudimentary Japanese and no Korean at all. And it seems like the drunker we get the more hysterical the hand motions get. Shiwon is actually the king of this; his hand motions are grandiose when he's sober, and only get crazier when he's had some liquor or sleep deprivation.

I must admit that I've had the most fun hanging out with ShinDong. He is hysterical, that man, and even if we don't share a language I still laugh more with him than anyone else. It's been fun having them around...I'm going to miss them when they go. Especially Shinnie.

Anyways! My lovely Kurai (and her lovely sister) have been having sex right and left, so I've been sort of absent from that. Not that I haven't slept with some of the hotties, I just...maybe haven't been quite as "enthusiastic"? Yeah, that's a good word. Enthusiastic.

But I've absented myself from the boys recently, because I'm sick, and getting them sick would be most unfun. Yes. So if this is a little on crack, it's because I'm ill.
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Sora (Teehee ow) [12 Dec 2007|02:36pm]
So I was right; I haven't been able to sit. But hey I still got a video of that night hehe. So I went back to work the next day and low and behold Miyavi was standing in a the hall talking to Gackt for some odd reason or another. I almost died when he called me over. He handed me a huge wad of money.

"You won the bet. His nose got broken," he told me.

I looked at Gackt's face and did everything in my power to not laugh, though I was failing miserably. I told him I was sorry for what happened to him and that I would treat him to a day in the spa due to the fact that Miyavi-san just handed me money for the bet that I won on him getting his ass kicked. Boy did I feel like an ass.

I watched Gackt leave for his room only to find Hyde and Mana coming out of the same room together, and Hyde was half naked. WTF I swear I almost had a nose bleed... Almost!

I went downstairs to get new sheets for all the rooms for the second floor. I stopped for a moment before I had even dared to go up there and counted the wad. It wasn't bad either. One K was good for me. Hey at least till get the rest of my Christmas shopping done.

As I went upstairs I ran into Kuri. I swear my Neesan has it out for me. Knowing full well, after I talked to her on the phone last night, that I was going to be a little sore, slapped my ass anyway. Of course it had to be as I was walking into apparently Diru's room, so I let out a slight squeak. Kyo looked as if he was going to kill me. Toshiya just shook his head, though I could tell from the smile on his face that Kuri had told him. Die and Kaoru looked at me like I had ten heads. And Shinya? Well, let's just say the smile was all I needed before I blushed madly.

I didn't stay long, though Shinya was a pretty sight. I felt bad having him get off the bed just so I could make it. They next room I was in, swear I should have knocked first... Wait I did... but then again with no answer you would think there was no one there right? WRONG. The images from MANA and Hyde... Well OMFG are real now.

Yeah... Something about walking on them was just a bit... HOT. Anyhoo

As I was saying. So as I'm going through the rooms some of the guys were there, some of them weren't, but then again I ran into something interesting. I remember once Kuri telling me that while she was one the phone talking to Micky that she heard him moaning every so often. Well I guess she was right about ManHo and Yoochun `cause OMG! I never thought positions like that were possible.

I ran to go find Kuri to tell her he was at it again. She was kinda pissed and I knew she was still pissed at Manho for doing it the first time. I saw that evil look in her eyes and I KNEW she was planing something. What, on the other hand I had no clue. I just hoped it wouldn't get us fired.

So after talking to her, I went back to my job and finished the rooms. I was about to go to the third floor til I felt a gentle hand grab my shoulder. I looked over my should and almost died on the spot.

Junsu oppa stood there and smiled at me for a moment before asking me in SEMI good English (I mean come on, lets face it, anyone born in Asia who was not taught to speak English right away is going to have problems) if I could help him find something. He really didn't say what it was, which made me a little leery but I helped him any way. After about an hour of searching, I finally came across what looked to be vibrator (sadly it was.) I held it out for him and his eyes lit up. I tossed it to him while in my mind I kept saying 'grossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgross... wait so it is true. Junsu is a flaming queen! No wonder his ass is huge. Now just to find out who's the one- and just before I could finish the thought, Jaejoong and Changmin come... crashing in? Lip locked, half naked sort of thing and Junsu pouted... I didn't stick around to see the hotness but I did leave my camara... Thank you video production class!

(Kurai's note: GAH! I'm already SO sick of editing these things! The first one, she dictated, I translated it into something that at least SORT OF made sense (trust me, kiddies, your brains would have melted if I'd let her write THAT one x.x) and typed it. This one, I let her write it herself and fixed the spelling and grammar the best I could while still keeping my sanity in tact. So yeah... sorry if you couldn't follow this. I really couldn't either. >.<)
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Kurai [10 Dec 2007|05:09am]
No doubt as you were reading my little sister's entry, you were wondering "where the flying fuckstick did that loudmouth blonde go?"

Well, let's just say, Titties wasn't the only one getting some love (btw, she hates that nickname as much as I hate Kuri, but she loves me, so she puts up with it. XD).

You see, prior to his latest attack on Mr. Plastic, Kyo was working out his agression in a slightly different manner... *grin* I'm quite surprised that Sora-chan never noticed that he was almost naked, or that HeeChul and I were also starkers, and watching from the doorway to...someone's room. We lost track of who was supposed to be where ages ago.

But then again, we did ask Hyde and Mana to distract her, and it appears they did a rather good job of it. XD

What I wasn't planning on, however, was for Shinya and his boytoys to invite my baby sister into bed with them.

Eh, whatever. At least now I don't feel as bad for fucking half the boys there (and Lina lol), hanging out at the spa, wandering around town a bit, introducing Kyo and HeeChul to our ghetto mall (they loved it. Kyo found the leather store, and it took forEVER to get HeeChul out of EB Games), and taking jello shots off of interesting areas of Toshiya's, YooChun's, and Olivia's bodies.

Needless to say, I'm fairly certain I was the last to get home last night. XD

I'm not sure how Kyo went from fucking two rabid fans to beating the hell out of Gackt (AGAIN!)... All I know is one minute, he's got HeeChul moaning like crazy and giving me a hell of a hickey, and the next Die is pounding on the door, yelling...something. All I caught was "Kyo", "Gackt", and "your mom".

Toshiya, Kaoru and Shinya (they were playing cards on the other bed like nothing unusual was happening lol) all look up from their little game, and all of a sudden, Kyo is on his feet and Kaoru and Shinya are struggling to hold him back, and then they calm him down long enough to get him to put some boxers on, and they all (sans KaoKao, who opted instead to shuffle the cards and start a game of solitaire) go out into the hall...

The rest of that little exchange was a bit of a blur. Kyo pounding on Gag again, Miyavi in the corner taking bets and my sister placing one... Eventually, we got him to lay off, HeeChul went off somewhere with Miyavi, Kyo stomped off to the graveyard behind the hotel to sulk, and the jello shots began. XD

Livvie's kinky. You don't even want to know where she was putting her shots. ^^;;

I think tomorrow I'm gonna ask Jin to teach me how to dance. And maybe ask YehSung to help me with my singing, since everyone keeps pressuring me to try out for American Idol...

Yes, I do think about something besides sex and alcohol, thankyouverymuch. It's just difficult to do so when surrounded by 100+ wet dreams brought to life.
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Sora (Kurai's baby sister) [10 Dec 2007|03:57am]
Ok so here's the deal:

I started my new job today and OMFG it was INSANE! I met Kuri there for the first time in a year since I moved back to Plymouth (btw, she HATES that nickname! XD but she loves me, so she puts up with it). YAY I got to see my Neesan again!

But I must tell you, I had my work cut out for me. Apparently there were a bunch of rowdy Japanese and Korean guys trashing the place. Well, Kuri never told me who the hell they were or what exactly what they were doing. So I went up to go give them a piece of my mind...peacfully. (I hope they speak English!)

When I got up there I swear I was about to have a heart attack. I couldn't believe my eyes. There was Gackt, knocking on the door to room 207 and Hyde walking into room 210. Then, just when I thought I could breathe again, Die came to open the door and the only thing I understood was "Kyo". OMFG what was all of Diru here? I saw Kyo, Die, Shinya, and Toshiya come out of the same room. Ok so four out of five isn't bad. Teehee! (Not that Kaoru mattered, anyway. XD "Kaoru, Kaoru, eats horse shoes!" Okay, so the man's pretty, but why does Kaoru eat horse shoes?)

Next thing I know Kyo jumps on Gackt and starts pounding him into the floor. "Oh SNAP!" is the only thing I caould think of at that point.

It only got hotter and crazier from there. Miyavi, standing at the end of the hall, took bets from every J-and-K-rocker there (what the FUCK, man?!).

At least HYDE was there. *sigh* Megumi is so lu-whoawaitwhat? Mid-thought I see....no. That can't be Mana! OMG Hyde was making out with Mana! My heart can't take much more of this. Then both of them disappeared into 210...

Yeah, I think you can guess where it went from there. No doubt in my mind, at least, what with all the moans coming from the room. Curiosity got the best of me, and I peeked in anyway...

Ice cream. They were just eating fucking ice cream. Oh, the images that came to my mind... "Yum", indeed.

As bets were being collected, I placed mine, as well. Sadly, I only had $20 with me, but hey, it was worth it to see Gackt get his ass kicked. Teehee. I wasn't the only one with a nosebleed that day!

Just when I thought this day couldn't get any better (or weirder!) it did.

I felt arms wind around my neck from behind, and a husky, slightly raspy voice whispered in my ear, "Ooh, a new face. You Kurai and Himitsu's friend?" I turned to look, and...


I didn't think Shinya could get any hotter, but fresh out of the shower...? oh-ho... *fans self* Why didn't I notice that when he came out? Oh right, the ice cream incident. Teehee. Aaaand back to the images!

Once again, the sexy voice in my ear, bringing me back to the present. "If I gave you a video camera, do you think you could film something for us?"

I paused, mind going blank as I tried to figure out who 'us' was. "...Us?" I asked.

"Yes, us."

"Who, exactly, is 'us'?"

A sweet, angelic smile that could mean nothing but trouble spread across his lips, and he answered coyly, "Oh, just the three of us."

As I was trying to pick my jaw up off the floor at the idea of Shinya-sama in a threesome, freaking Rose and JaeJoong came up on either side of him (also fresh out of the shower, from the looks of them) and cuddled up to him as he held them close and just smirked at me...

Right around now, I started wishing I'd brought a spare pair of panties with me. All I could think as I watched the three of them was "thank the goddess for Video Production class!"

Then, JaeJoong shocked me (I don't think my heart can take this!) by gazing at me with lust-filled eyes and murured, "She could join us, instead. I mean, she is awfully cute..."

I fought back a moment of self-conciousness and merely replied meekly, "...Or I could do both?"

Rose raised an eyebrow, clearly amused. "Why, do you have a camera on you?"

I nodded vigerously, not realizing at first that he meant it literally.

He sighed (I think he was disappointed that I didn't get his joke). "Well, go get it."

Without a word, I pulled my little digital cam-corder out of my pocket and held it up. "...Neesan said I'd be really grateful if I remembered to bring it." In my head, I added, she was right.

JaeJoong laughed. "Fangirls sure do come in handy."

Then I realized - DAMN IT! I left the tripod in the car!

"Um...could you, maybe, hold that thought for two secs-IMEANSECONDS-and I'll be right back?" Blushing like crazy, I bolted for the elevator, running straight into my goddamnFUCKINGsister! >.< She has the WORST timing!

She just kinda grinned at me, poking my red face, and without thinking, I shoved her out of my way. "CAN'TTALKNOWGAYTHREESOMETOFILMANDJOININON!" Not waiting for her reaction - though I'm sure it would have been amusing, I ran out to my car and grabbed the tripod for my camera, hoping to get it and get back before the boys changed their minds.

As I opened the trunk of my car, I found...interesting things that I forgot were there. Just in case, I grabbed my favorite strap-on (and the tripod, of course!) and ran back inside, praying to every god and goddess I'd ever even heard of that no one noticed me. Especially Kuri's brother-in-law! *shudder* He's our boss. T-T

I ran back to the room, making sure to keep the "interesting thing" behind my back as I set up the tripod and camera, making sure to aim it right at the bed (which, btw, was one of the four-post king beds! <3 YES!!).

In the process, I dropped the strap-on, which Shinya oh-so-kindly picked up for me. He was staring at it as I blushed and snatched it back, and his only response was "ooh, kinky."

Long story short, it was a very interesting first day at work, from which I went home limping, but quite...erm... pleased. Teehee. The drive home hurt like Hell, and I realized, "I'm not going to be able to sit properly for a week."

Interesting, indeed. XD I can't wait to go in tomorrow.

Teehee. <3
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Kurai [03 Sep 2007|09:15pm]
So, Odagiri Joe is staying on the third floor. And Kyo has some kind of fascination with shopping at Walmart. Since the first is really just me freaking out and Himitsu smacking me while poor Joe stares at me in horror, I'll get to the more interesting story.

Kyo at Walmart. Or rather, Super Walmart.

Oh. Dear. God.

Of course, it wasn't just Kyo. Oh no. It was Kyo, me, HeeChul (he's taken to following Kyo around with his jaw on the floor whenever he's not too busy shoving his tongue down Miyavi's throat - the two of us make an interesting picture whenever our beloved Prophet's around)... and Gackt. Because some asshole (I'm pretty sure it was Jin. remind me to tie him down and...erm...ahem. moving on...) let it slip that Walmart sells sharp, pointy objects.

After twenty minutes of HeeChul, me, and (briefly) two sixty-something-year-old security guards chasing them around while they chased each other with butcher knives, yours truly came up with a brillant plan:

Rella-babe and I herded them toward the toy department, and I grabbed the first thing I could find to stop them.

Hitting Gackt in the face with an aluminum baseball bat was fun. I hope I get to do it again. I mean, he does look kind of funny with an uneven number of missing teeth.

Disarming Kyo wasn't quite as easy. It was decided that I would take the most dangerous role: the decoy. I screeched "kawaii" at the top of my lungs, and while he was distracted by tripping over the unconcious sell-out on the floor to kill me, HeeChul jumped on his back and, after a few minutes of struggling, managed to take the knife away.

I spent the next ten minutes on my hands and knees, bowing and apologizing profusely. Then, HeeChul made it all better by reminding Kyo that "dis Womaad hass a purroduce suction, MAN!"

Amazingly, the warumono understood him.

Unfortunately, I was unable to prevent the fruit war that followed, so somewhere between grape mini-missiles, lemon and lime granades, and watermelon bombs, we were kicked out.

And where, you might ask, was Himitsu during all this? Getting pampered. Lucky whore.

Shinya and I agreed that it was unfair that her inability to handle as much sexiness at once as I can caused her to miss out on a day of drinking and spoiling, so while I was stuck babysitting three insane crackheads, two whom I used to worship, she was getting sloshed with her favorite bishies and then, from what I heard later (as I was washing pineapple out of my hair), she got a full-body massage.

From Die.

And apparently SungMin gave her a manicure. And DongHae wouldn't let her move until he gave her a pedicure. Apparently, the boy has a foot fetish. *shudder*

So, to recap: I fangirled over Odagiri Joe, and then spent the afternoon chasing three grown men around a department store, until we were banned and threatened with restraining orders (because Kyo found sporting goods. or, more specifically, the hunting knives in sporting goods. he didn't want to leave). AND I had to carry Gag home because we didn't dare let Kyo touch him, and HeeChul could barely lift the Botox Queen's arm.

And Himitsu got spoiled by drunken Jrockers and flaming fairies.

I better get a kiss from YehSung tomorrow. Or at least a hug from Joe. *pout*
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Kurai again [29 Aug 2007|03:44pm]
Two posts in a row. Woot. *rolls eyes*

Himitsu was out sick today. Something about gushing nosebleeds. I think we all know who we can thank for that.

But oh man, she missed the drunken strip poker and Gackt hogtied and gagged in the closet. (Things are a lot more peaceful without him around)

We played a drinking game in the hall (I'm getting paid to do this, mind you). The 1TYM boys, Shou, Tora, EunJin, EZ, BoA, Atsushi, Lina, Stephanie, Diru (except Kyo, obviously), SeHeon, Tony, Kang Ta, Woo Hyuk, Hyde, Yasu, Ka-Yu, Miyavi, Olivia, Satsuki, Mizuki, Tsurugi, MinWoo, Hyesung, JunJin, half of Super Junior, The GazettE boys, Jay, JaeJoong, YooChun, ChangMin(!) and I. All of us in the hall. Drinking.

At ten in the morning.

It was quite interesting.

It eventually came down to EunJin, Shinya, Olivia, and me. Everyone else was passed out cold.

I thought Livvie would be a lightweight. She's so LITTLE. But she shocked us all by not even being tipsy at that point.

I made Orange Madrids (that would be Absolut Citron, Jose Cuervo, Southern Comfort, and a tiny bit of orange soda. it's delish.) for everyone.

Then it came down to Shinya and I. We took one look at the unconcious mass around us, finished our drinks, and called it a draw.

Then we left everyone right where they were to sleep it off (me? lift 40-something people and carry them back to their rooms? I don't fuckin' think so!) and he was nice enough to treat me to a day at the spa.

Oddly enough, the remaining sober people didn't come anywhere near us. Since the game started, I didn't see any of them.

It makes me sad that Rose went poof, because I <3 Rose, but he's anti-drinking, so I understand.

Of course, I went home reeking of alcohol, and now Hi-chan won't speak to me. T-T

I hope she comes into work tomorrow...
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Kurai [28 Aug 2007|01:43pm]
I didn't really get a chance to think at all while we were at work yesterday, so of course, when I got home, it all came flooding into my brain at once.

First of all: Why the flying fuck are Hi-chan and I suddenly the only maids there? Does Louanne REALLY expect the two of us to clean seventy-four (trashed!) rooms in five hours? Every day? FUCK THAT.

I know the other girls are still there. They were hudding together in a shaking, frightened mass in the laundry room, telling us "brave, wonderful, awesome wannabe-Asians" (that's what Suzie called us) to go up and "handle things".

Clearly, it has yet to sink into any of their thick heads that NEITHER OF US SPEAK JAPANESE OR KOREAN!

Actually, I know why it has to be us. The other girls are sick of walking in on massive brawls and gay orgies and bondage (did you know BoA's a dominatrix? I didn't until I saw her tying Kamiki Aya to one of the four-post beds and... never mind. let's not get into that)...

Himitsu and I, on the other hand, are loving every second of this.

...Well, ok. Not really every second. When KangIn punched Satsuki in the face? That wasn't cool. When I had to go running for a wooden spoon and - using gestures and very loud, angry, mostly likely mispronounced swears - threaten to castrate Gackt if he ever even THOUGHT of going near Kyo with an ice pick again? That wasn't...

...Actually, that was awesome, I will admit.

Gackt causes a lot of problems. Mostly with Kyo. Apparently they want each other dead.

But the point is, this place is complete chaos and while the fangirl in me is spontaneously orgasming every time I see yet ANOTHER star I love, the part of me that's thinking about the giant MESS they're making is about ready to kill them all.

I'm a maid, boys and girls, not a slave.
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Himitsu [28 Aug 2007|01:12pm]
Holy freakin' crap, what a day. I have never seen so many hot Asian men in one place at the same time.

Can we all say three cheers to Kyo for beating the shit out of Gackt? I know I can. Because that was amazing.

But I start in the middle when I should start at the beginning. Kurai and I show up for work in the morning as always (me less than thrilled, as I hate mornings), only to find our boss in the middle of a crazed panic attack. I don't remember exactly what she said; something about crazy Japanese and Korean people running amok in the hotel. Okay, right.

But then she wants us to go talk to them. Um, 'scuse me? Just because I squee over their music doesn't mean I know what to say to them.

But K-chan tugs me along and we go.

And holy jesus on a stick, was it crazy.

Kurai actually passed out. Like...eyes rolled up in the back of her head, toppled right over passed out. It was surreal.

And she missed the GazettE boys.

...Oh man, the GazettE boys. Reita had Ruki pressed against a wall and they were going at it, and Uru and Kai and Aoi were just sort of in a tangled ball of orgy. I don't know, my brain sort of blanked out at that point.

I remember getting K-chan up and then just...staring for a while longer, and then we sort of just turned around and left.

Tomorrow's gonna be intense.
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First post - Kurai [27 Aug 2007|03:53pm]
SO. We went into work today, expecting the same old crap. Go in, clean a few rooms, hang out, the usual, y'know?

Didn't exactly go according to plan, to say the least.

We walk in to find our boss, Louanne, all kinds of freaking out, saying the place is completely booked, and half the people don't speak English. There's fights, noise... they're basically wrecking the place. But they're Japanese and Korean, she says, so can Himitsu and I please go up and talk to them?

WHAT THE HELL?! Since when do either of us speak Japanese and Korean? Fangirl does NOT equal fluent!

We went up anyway, because really, what the hell else were we gonna do? We're maids. We had to go up and clean the rooms. And if things were really as bad as Louanne said, we had our work cut out for us.

At first, I thought I was hallucinating. Himitsu had to slap me to keep me from going back downstairs and calling the nearest psych ward.

Mizuki freaking walked right by us. Mizuki. As in, guitarist of Sadie. Dork. Sexpot. TWO FEET FROM ME.

*slaps self* ok. Sorry about that.

So after getting over the shock of seeing him, we got another surprise...

Kyo. Was. Beating. Up. Gackt.

Had I seen a clip of this online, I would have laughed hysterically and cheered him on, then sent it to all my friends.

HOWEVER. It wasn't online. It was right in front of us. On the floor of the hallway in the John Carver Inn.

I always laugh when manga characters fall over and all you can see is their feet. Never happens in real life, right? People don't just fall over in shock.

Well, I did. I toppled right over, and it took forever for me to get back up.

Mostly because a naked and wet Tony freaking An ran past us, screaming, with a laughing hyena-I mean WooHyuk chasing him.

I vaguely remember a puddle of drool on the floor under my head and Himitsu just...staring at the scene around us. I'm not entirely sure what was going through her head at the time, but as for me? NOTHING AT ALL. My thought process ground to a screeching halt somewhere between Miyavi making out with HeeChul in the corner next to the vending machines and Die and Toshiya running for the pool saying something about skinny-dipping and pool sex.

Quite the eventful day, to say the least. Can't wait til tomorrow.

Never really did get to say anything to any of them, though...
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