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Holy freakin' crap, what a day. I have never seen so many hot Asian men in one place at the same time.

Can we all say three cheers to Kyo for beating the shit out of Gackt? I know I can. Because that was amazing.

But I start in the middle when I should start at the beginning. Kurai and I show up for work in the morning as always (me less than thrilled, as I hate mornings), only to find our boss in the middle of a crazed panic attack. I don't remember exactly what she said; something about crazy Japanese and Korean people running amok in the hotel. Okay, right.

But then she wants us to go talk to them. Um, 'scuse me? Just because I squee over their music doesn't mean I know what to say to them.

But K-chan tugs me along and we go.

And holy jesus on a stick, was it crazy.

Kurai actually passed out. Like...eyes rolled up in the back of her head, toppled right over passed out. It was surreal.

And she missed the GazettE boys.

...Oh man, the GazettE boys. Reita had Ruki pressed against a wall and they were going at it, and Uru and Kai and Aoi were just sort of in a tangled ball of orgy. I don't know, my brain sort of blanked out at that point.

I remember getting K-chan up and then just...staring for a while longer, and then we sort of just turned around and left.

Tomorrow's gonna be intense.
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