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I didn't really get a chance to think at all while we were at work yesterday, so of course, when I got home, it all came flooding into my brain at once.

First of all: Why the flying fuck are Hi-chan and I suddenly the only maids there? Does Louanne REALLY expect the two of us to clean seventy-four (trashed!) rooms in five hours? Every day? FUCK THAT.

I know the other girls are still there. They were hudding together in a shaking, frightened mass in the laundry room, telling us "brave, wonderful, awesome wannabe-Asians" (that's what Suzie called us) to go up and "handle things".

Clearly, it has yet to sink into any of their thick heads that NEITHER OF US SPEAK JAPANESE OR KOREAN!

Actually, I know why it has to be us. The other girls are sick of walking in on massive brawls and gay orgies and bondage (did you know BoA's a dominatrix? I didn't until I saw her tying Kamiki Aya to one of the four-post beds and... never mind. let's not get into that)...

Himitsu and I, on the other hand, are loving every second of this.

...Well, ok. Not really every second. When KangIn punched Satsuki in the face? That wasn't cool. When I had to go running for a wooden spoon and - using gestures and very loud, angry, mostly likely mispronounced swears - threaten to castrate Gackt if he ever even THOUGHT of going near Kyo with an ice pick again? That wasn't...

...Actually, that was awesome, I will admit.

Gackt causes a lot of problems. Mostly with Kyo. Apparently they want each other dead.

But the point is, this place is complete chaos and while the fangirl in me is spontaneously orgasming every time I see yet ANOTHER star I love, the part of me that's thinking about the giant MESS they're making is about ready to kill them all.

I'm a maid, boys and girls, not a slave.
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