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Kurai again

Two posts in a row. Woot. *rolls eyes*

Himitsu was out sick today. Something about gushing nosebleeds. I think we all know who we can thank for that.

But oh man, she missed the drunken strip poker and Gackt hogtied and gagged in the closet. (Things are a lot more peaceful without him around)

We played a drinking game in the hall (I'm getting paid to do this, mind you). The 1TYM boys, Shou, Tora, EunJin, EZ, BoA, Atsushi, Lina, Stephanie, Diru (except Kyo, obviously), SeHeon, Tony, Kang Ta, Woo Hyuk, Hyde, Yasu, Ka-Yu, Miyavi, Olivia, Satsuki, Mizuki, Tsurugi, MinWoo, Hyesung, JunJin, half of Super Junior, The GazettE boys, Jay, JaeJoong, YooChun, ChangMin(!) and I. All of us in the hall. Drinking.

At ten in the morning.

It was quite interesting.

It eventually came down to EunJin, Shinya, Olivia, and me. Everyone else was passed out cold.

I thought Livvie would be a lightweight. She's so LITTLE. But she shocked us all by not even being tipsy at that point.

I made Orange Madrids (that would be Absolut Citron, Jose Cuervo, Southern Comfort, and a tiny bit of orange soda. it's delish.) for everyone.

Then it came down to Shinya and I. We took one look at the unconcious mass around us, finished our drinks, and called it a draw.

Then we left everyone right where they were to sleep it off (me? lift 40-something people and carry them back to their rooms? I don't fuckin' think so!) and he was nice enough to treat me to a day at the spa.

Oddly enough, the remaining sober people didn't come anywhere near us. Since the game started, I didn't see any of them.

It makes me sad that Rose went poof, because I <3 Rose, but he's anti-drinking, so I understand.

Of course, I went home reeking of alcohol, and now Hi-chan won't speak to me. T-T

I hope she comes into work tomorrow...
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