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Sora (Kurai's baby sister)

Ok so here's the deal:

I started my new job today and OMFG it was INSANE! I met Kuri there for the first time in a year since I moved back to Plymouth (btw, she HATES that nickname! XD but she loves me, so she puts up with it). YAY I got to see my Neesan again!

But I must tell you, I had my work cut out for me. Apparently there were a bunch of rowdy Japanese and Korean guys trashing the place. Well, Kuri never told me who the hell they were or what exactly what they were doing. So I went up to go give them a piece of my mind...peacfully. (I hope they speak English!)

When I got up there I swear I was about to have a heart attack. I couldn't believe my eyes. There was Gackt, knocking on the door to room 207 and Hyde walking into room 210. Then, just when I thought I could breathe again, Die came to open the door and the only thing I understood was "Kyo". OMFG what was all of Diru here? I saw Kyo, Die, Shinya, and Toshiya come out of the same room. Ok so four out of five isn't bad. Teehee! (Not that Kaoru mattered, anyway. XD "Kaoru, Kaoru, eats horse shoes!" Okay, so the man's pretty, but why does Kaoru eat horse shoes?)

Next thing I know Kyo jumps on Gackt and starts pounding him into the floor. "Oh SNAP!" is the only thing I caould think of at that point.

It only got hotter and crazier from there. Miyavi, standing at the end of the hall, took bets from every J-and-K-rocker there (what the FUCK, man?!).

At least HYDE was there. *sigh* Megumi is so lu-whoawaitwhat? Mid-thought I That can't be Mana! OMG Hyde was making out with Mana! My heart can't take much more of this. Then both of them disappeared into 210...

Yeah, I think you can guess where it went from there. No doubt in my mind, at least, what with all the moans coming from the room. Curiosity got the best of me, and I peeked in anyway...

Ice cream. They were just eating fucking ice cream. Oh, the images that came to my mind... "Yum", indeed.

As bets were being collected, I placed mine, as well. Sadly, I only had $20 with me, but hey, it was worth it to see Gackt get his ass kicked. Teehee. I wasn't the only one with a nosebleed that day!

Just when I thought this day couldn't get any better (or weirder!) it did.

I felt arms wind around my neck from behind, and a husky, slightly raspy voice whispered in my ear, "Ooh, a new face. You Kurai and Himitsu's friend?" I turned to look, and...


I didn't think Shinya could get any hotter, but fresh out of the shower...? oh-ho... *fans self* Why didn't I notice that when he came out? Oh right, the ice cream incident. Teehee. Aaaand back to the images!

Once again, the sexy voice in my ear, bringing me back to the present. "If I gave you a video camera, do you think you could film something for us?"

I paused, mind going blank as I tried to figure out who 'us' was. "...Us?" I asked.

"Yes, us."

"Who, exactly, is 'us'?"

A sweet, angelic smile that could mean nothing but trouble spread across his lips, and he answered coyly, "Oh, just the three of us."

As I was trying to pick my jaw up off the floor at the idea of Shinya-sama in a threesome, freaking Rose and JaeJoong came up on either side of him (also fresh out of the shower, from the looks of them) and cuddled up to him as he held them close and just smirked at me...

Right around now, I started wishing I'd brought a spare pair of panties with me. All I could think as I watched the three of them was "thank the goddess for Video Production class!"

Then, JaeJoong shocked me (I don't think my heart can take this!) by gazing at me with lust-filled eyes and murured, "She could join us, instead. I mean, she is awfully cute..."

I fought back a moment of self-conciousness and merely replied meekly, "...Or I could do both?"

Rose raised an eyebrow, clearly amused. "Why, do you have a camera on you?"

I nodded vigerously, not realizing at first that he meant it literally.

He sighed (I think he was disappointed that I didn't get his joke). "Well, go get it."

Without a word, I pulled my little digital cam-corder out of my pocket and held it up. "...Neesan said I'd be really grateful if I remembered to bring it." In my head, I added, she was right.

JaeJoong laughed. "Fangirls sure do come in handy."

Then I realized - DAMN IT! I left the tripod in the car!

"Um...could you, maybe, hold that thought for two secs-IMEANSECONDS-and I'll be right back?" Blushing like crazy, I bolted for the elevator, running straight into my goddamnFUCKINGsister! >.< She has the WORST timing!

She just kinda grinned at me, poking my red face, and without thinking, I shoved her out of my way. "CAN'TTALKNOWGAYTHREESOMETOFILMANDJOININON!" Not waiting for her reaction - though I'm sure it would have been amusing, I ran out to my car and grabbed the tripod for my camera, hoping to get it and get back before the boys changed their minds.

As I opened the trunk of my car, I found...interesting things that I forgot were there. Just in case, I grabbed my favorite strap-on (and the tripod, of course!) and ran back inside, praying to every god and goddess I'd ever even heard of that no one noticed me. Especially Kuri's brother-in-law! *shudder* He's our boss. T-T

I ran back to the room, making sure to keep the "interesting thing" behind my back as I set up the tripod and camera, making sure to aim it right at the bed (which, btw, was one of the four-post king beds! <3 YES!!).

In the process, I dropped the strap-on, which Shinya oh-so-kindly picked up for me. He was staring at it as I blushed and snatched it back, and his only response was "ooh, kinky."

Long story short, it was a very interesting first day at work, from which I went home limping, but quite...erm... pleased. Teehee. The drive home hurt like Hell, and I realized, "I'm not going to be able to sit properly for a week."

Interesting, indeed. XD I can't wait to go in tomorrow.

Teehee. <3
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