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No doubt as you were reading my little sister's entry, you were wondering "where the flying fuckstick did that loudmouth blonde go?"

Well, let's just say, Titties wasn't the only one getting some love (btw, she hates that nickname as much as I hate Kuri, but she loves me, so she puts up with it. XD).

You see, prior to his latest attack on Mr. Plastic, Kyo was working out his agression in a slightly different manner... *grin* I'm quite surprised that Sora-chan never noticed that he was almost naked, or that HeeChul and I were also starkers, and watching from the doorway to...someone's room. We lost track of who was supposed to be where ages ago.

But then again, we did ask Hyde and Mana to distract her, and it appears they did a rather good job of it. XD

What I wasn't planning on, however, was for Shinya and his boytoys to invite my baby sister into bed with them.

Eh, whatever. At least now I don't feel as bad for fucking half the boys there (and Lina lol), hanging out at the spa, wandering around town a bit, introducing Kyo and HeeChul to our ghetto mall (they loved it. Kyo found the leather store, and it took forEVER to get HeeChul out of EB Games), and taking jello shots off of interesting areas of Toshiya's, YooChun's, and Olivia's bodies.

Needless to say, I'm fairly certain I was the last to get home last night. XD

I'm not sure how Kyo went from fucking two rabid fans to beating the hell out of Gackt (AGAIN!)... All I know is one minute, he's got HeeChul moaning like crazy and giving me a hell of a hickey, and the next Die is pounding on the door, yelling...something. All I caught was "Kyo", "Gackt", and "your mom".

Toshiya, Kaoru and Shinya (they were playing cards on the other bed like nothing unusual was happening lol) all look up from their little game, and all of a sudden, Kyo is on his feet and Kaoru and Shinya are struggling to hold him back, and then they calm him down long enough to get him to put some boxers on, and they all (sans KaoKao, who opted instead to shuffle the cards and start a game of solitaire) go out into the hall...

The rest of that little exchange was a bit of a blur. Kyo pounding on Gag again, Miyavi in the corner taking bets and my sister placing one... Eventually, we got him to lay off, HeeChul went off somewhere with Miyavi, Kyo stomped off to the graveyard behind the hotel to sulk, and the jello shots began. XD

Livvie's kinky. You don't even want to know where she was putting her shots. ^^;;

I think tomorrow I'm gonna ask Jin to teach me how to dance. And maybe ask YehSung to help me with my singing, since everyone keeps pressuring me to try out for American Idol...

Yes, I do think about something besides sex and alcohol, thankyouverymuch. It's just difficult to do so when surrounded by 100+ wet dreams brought to life.
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