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Kurai (sick of me yet? XD)

Okay, since she brought up the ass-slapping thing, I'd like to explain something real quick: Titties and I are not actually related. We've been friends for years and are as close as sisters, but we're not actually sisters. Got it? Good.

NOW. I am both irritated and amused at the moment. Irritated because Titties seems determined to ruin my friendship with YooChun by continuously bringing up our past relationship (don't even ask) and the rather unpleasant way it ended... and amused because she's the only one in the hotel who's actually still bothering to clean the place. XD

The way I see it, they're not gonna be staying forever (though I'd love it if they would), so rather than be a nuisance and try to clean around them when it's just gonna get messed up again anyway, I've opted to get paid to hang out with them and do pretty much whatever they want, and I've convinced Hi-chan to do the same (didn't take much XD). We'll clean when they check out. Right now, there's no point.

So... the newest adventure at the Carver...

Singing lessons from YehSung. Yes, I convinced him. All it took was a blow job.

Just kidding! I actually haven't done anything with him, except a few perfectly innocent hugs and kisses.

For some reason, he was more than happy to help me improve my singing. Makes me wonder how bad I was... >.>;; He's been a big help, though, both with helping me control my voice, and giving me more confidence in myself.

I sang in front of BoA, Lina, TaeBin, JaeJoong, and SeHeon. None of them cringed. This is a VERY big accomplishment for me. The only stars I'd sang for before were Kyo, YooChun, and HeeChul. Since I've slept with all three of them, I figure they're biased. XD

OH! Speaking of HeeChul, he offered to teach me how to dance. I thought he was joking and laughed so hard I had to lean on him to stay standing. Now he won't talk to me. T-T

So anywho, I finally got Hi-chan away from Die and Han long enough to join me, Kumi, and Lexy in a game of strip-poker. Kumi lost. But since most of the boys were watching, I think she lost on purpose.

After Sora mopped up the drool, a big group of us hung out next to the pool and played Truth or Dare. With alcohol, of course. We somehow convinced Rose to play, saying the booze would only be used as a penalty for refusing to do a dare or answer a question...

Props to the boy for staying perfectly sober, considering five minutes into the game, he was stark naked and had to sit on Mana's lap for the rest of the night. (Mana wasn't too pleased. Neither was Hyde. Rosie was just embarassed XD)

For the first time in years, I actually got drunk enough that I don't remember anything that happened after that. I'll have to go torment Sora until she gives me the tape, because I KNOW she was filming it all. XD
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