hotel_asia (hotel_asia) wrote,

Himitsu (long time no see, eh?)

Right. So I've been busy (and not doing what all of you are thinking, you pervs). I actually have been working on applying for new schools and things, and enjoying my time at the hotel.

Okay, yes, there has been some fun with Die and HanKyung SungMin and Tora and Saga...but I've been working too. The boys are a gas; we mostly communicate with sign language, since none of them speak very much English and I obviously speak rudimentary Japanese and no Korean at all. And it seems like the drunker we get the more hysterical the hand motions get. Shiwon is actually the king of this; his hand motions are grandiose when he's sober, and only get crazier when he's had some liquor or sleep deprivation.

I must admit that I've had the most fun hanging out with ShinDong. He is hysterical, that man, and even if we don't share a language I still laugh more with him than anyone else. It's been fun having them around...I'm going to miss them when they go. Especially Shinnie.

Anyways! My lovely Kurai (and her lovely sister) have been having sex right and left, so I've been sort of absent from that. Not that I haven't slept with some of the hotties, I just...maybe haven't been quite as "enthusiastic"? Yeah, that's a good word. Enthusiastic.

But I've absented myself from the boys recently, because I'm sick, and getting them sick would be most unfun. Yes. So if this is a little on crack, it's because I'm ill.
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