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Sayuri (Happy Holidays!)

    Hey there... I'm Sayuri. Kurai, Sora, and I met about three and a half years back and we've always shared a love for Japanese and Korean music (and the musicians XD). After a good amount of time trying to get hours at my other job, Kurai suggested I get a job at the hotel she worked at. She seemed to be hiding something when she made the suggestion, but I didn't think too much of it. Needless to say, my first day was astounding.

    When Kurai told me I'd enjoy the job, she definitely wasn't kidding. I ascended the stairs earlier to discover we had a whole ton of REALLY HOT visitors. At first, that was all I caught through all of the movement.
    That is, until I saw Kyo. Eyes wide, I decided to introduce myself.

    "K-Konnichiwa, Kyo-sama," I stuttered, "Watashi wa Sayuri desu."

    He smiled. He fucking smiled. And it was amazingly adorable. I couldn't tell HIM that, though... That would make me seem way too fangirly. Don't want to scare him off.

    As I stood, conflicted over what to say next, Kyo's expression changed. At first I thought he was somehow reading my mind or something, but then I noticed his eyes weren't meeting mine at all. Turning around, I saw Gackt standing about five feet away. Within moments they were at each other's throats. I couldn't help but laugh as Kyo started maiming Gackt in the most amazing ways (you can tell he's not my favorite star, huh?)

    Deciding I should actually do some cleaning (after taking a few gory pictures and videos with my camera phone XD), I entered a room to see a fucking orgy of hot Asians. Remembering my boyfriend, I decided to stay out of it, but it was an interesting sight (to say the least). After a little while of watching, and some random tidying up, I left the room and entered the one next door.
    Inside this room, Lexy, BoA, and Hyori were going at it on the bed. This was probably the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life, and will probably continue to be so. The whole thing was very S&M... Bondage, knives... As I said, the hottest thing EVER. I was invited to play cards with some guys who weren't going at it in the next room, but I couldn't really focus with that thought in my head... I don't even remember which guys they were or who won, just that I had seen one of the most amazing things EVER in the other room.

    I've kind of been adding to this entry little bits at a time over the past two hours as my mind has attempted to sort through all of the events of the day... I have to say this was the most interesting day of work I've ever had (and I'm definitely looking forward to MANY more ^-^)
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