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So. I discovered that Rose gets upset when people take his drumsticks...especially when they're drunk. Apparently, he doesn't have any extras, and he has the firm belief that if they break, he'll never find ones that are as good as the ones he has now.

Which is cute, in a sort of OCD paranoid way. But after K-chan so lovingly made him upset, I decided to follow him and see if I could make him feel better.

...I was drunk and he was pretty, what can I say? I've got a soft spot in my heart for the sad pretty ones. And after he got over being upset, Rose was actually pretty cute; he played an impromptu solo for me on random items in the room, and it was totally adorable.

'Course, I prefer playing in tandem...and dancing with Rose was quite fun. Heh.

Waking up to Die poking me in the forehead, though, and asking if I was dead? Not so fun. Apparently I fell out of bed in the middle of the night, and Rose didn't notice. Neither did I, for that matter; being drunk sort of makes me sleep like a rock, thank god, because I hadn't been getting enough sleep with all the insanity going on.

At least after he had poked me repeatedly, until I called him an idiot and convinced him I was alive, Die grinned and kissed me. is he not hungover? He had straws up his nose! That's pretty wasted, if you ask me, and when Satsuki yanked that one out...oh god that was nasty, for sure.

Anyways, my evening wasn't as fun as some of the other people's, I'm sure...but it was fun for me. I wonder what the day will bring?
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