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Sora (Oh no)

So it's been about a month since I've been married and it's not SO~ bad. I mean he's over protective and Kyo still tries to kill him. Which at times it's freaking hysterical, but I have an obligation to protect his ass. I don't know why I didn't just divorce the moment I woke up.

It's probably because that day a month ago he's been ever so sweet to me. Though he's really got to stop hitting on all those other girls. GGGRRRRR Bitches need to back off my husband. . .OMG I didn't just type that. GAH, Ok this has gotten really bad My mood have been out of whack and a for the passed couple of days I have been sent home (more like to Gackt's room) early because I've been getting REALLY~ sick. I haven't been able to eat anything and keep it down.

But then again who could with the carvings I've been having, chocolate with peanut butter covered pickles. . .ew! Or the extra cheese pizza I had last night with m&ms and anchovies.. .oh god hold on. . . .

Sorry about that, the thought of that last thing just made me sick.

Anyhoo I've been given the rest of the week off and I had all of last week off. Joe seems to be really nice. Then again I've been working at this hotel for a couple months now. Plus I think Kurai has said something to him, which I'm thankful for.

I've been spending alot of time with Jaejoong, Minwoo, Shinya, and Hannie these pass couple days. They've all been acting really weird lately and I'm not quite sure why. Whatever. . .I just thought of something now that I reading this over. I think I might be pregnant. Oh Gods what if I am excuse me again. . .

Ok so I've come back from the bathroom and left this thing running. It's been 15 minutes and . . .can I jump off a fucking roof now. The blue line show up I'm pergnant. . .three tests later and all show I'm pregnant. FUCK. . .who's the father. . .I mean the time with Shinya, JaeJoong, and Rose all had there fun then and didn't use protection. Magumi would KILL me if it was Hyde, But I think he did use protection. . .Or it could be Gackt's oh god how and I going to figure this one out.

Better yet how am I going to tell my husband. Right "Hey love I'm pregnant and I'm not sure if it's yours." Yea that'll go over like a bull in a china shop.

Kuri what am I to do. . .
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