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First post - Kurai

SO. We went into work today, expecting the same old crap. Go in, clean a few rooms, hang out, the usual, y'know?

Didn't exactly go according to plan, to say the least.

We walk in to find our boss, Louanne, all kinds of freaking out, saying the place is completely booked, and half the people don't speak English. There's fights, noise... they're basically wrecking the place. But they're Japanese and Korean, she says, so can Himitsu and I please go up and talk to them?

WHAT THE HELL?! Since when do either of us speak Japanese and Korean? Fangirl does NOT equal fluent!

We went up anyway, because really, what the hell else were we gonna do? We're maids. We had to go up and clean the rooms. And if things were really as bad as Louanne said, we had our work cut out for us.

At first, I thought I was hallucinating. Himitsu had to slap me to keep me from going back downstairs and calling the nearest psych ward.

Mizuki freaking walked right by us. Mizuki. As in, guitarist of Sadie. Dork. Sexpot. TWO FEET FROM ME.

*slaps self* ok. Sorry about that.

So after getting over the shock of seeing him, we got another surprise...

Kyo. Was. Beating. Up. Gackt.

Had I seen a clip of this online, I would have laughed hysterically and cheered him on, then sent it to all my friends.

HOWEVER. It wasn't online. It was right in front of us. On the floor of the hallway in the John Carver Inn.

I always laugh when manga characters fall over and all you can see is their feet. Never happens in real life, right? People don't just fall over in shock.

Well, I did. I toppled right over, and it took forever for me to get back up.

Mostly because a naked and wet Tony freaking An ran past us, screaming, with a laughing hyena-I mean WooHyuk chasing him.

I vaguely remember a puddle of drool on the floor under my head and Himitsu just...staring at the scene around us. I'm not entirely sure what was going through her head at the time, but as for me? NOTHING AT ALL. My thought process ground to a screeching halt somewhere between Miyavi making out with HeeChul in the corner next to the vending machines and Die and Toshiya running for the pool saying something about skinny-dipping and pool sex.

Quite the eventful day, to say the least. Can't wait til tomorrow.

Never really did get to say anything to any of them, though...
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