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Sora (Teehee ow)

So I was right; I haven't been able to sit. But hey I still got a video of that night hehe. So I went back to work the next day and low and behold Miyavi was standing in a the hall talking to Gackt for some odd reason or another. I almost died when he called me over. He handed me a huge wad of money.

"You won the bet. His nose got broken," he told me.

I looked at Gackt's face and did everything in my power to not laugh, though I was failing miserably. I told him I was sorry for what happened to him and that I would treat him to a day in the spa due to the fact that Miyavi-san just handed me money for the bet that I won on him getting his ass kicked. Boy did I feel like an ass.

I watched Gackt leave for his room only to find Hyde and Mana coming out of the same room together, and Hyde was half naked. WTF I swear I almost had a nose bleed... Almost!

I went downstairs to get new sheets for all the rooms for the second floor. I stopped for a moment before I had even dared to go up there and counted the wad. It wasn't bad either. One K was good for me. Hey at least till get the rest of my Christmas shopping done.

As I went upstairs I ran into Kuri. I swear my Neesan has it out for me. Knowing full well, after I talked to her on the phone last night, that I was going to be a little sore, slapped my ass anyway. Of course it had to be as I was walking into apparently Diru's room, so I let out a slight squeak. Kyo looked as if he was going to kill me. Toshiya just shook his head, though I could tell from the smile on his face that Kuri had told him. Die and Kaoru looked at me like I had ten heads. And Shinya? Well, let's just say the smile was all I needed before I blushed madly.

I didn't stay long, though Shinya was a pretty sight. I felt bad having him get off the bed just so I could make it. They next room I was in, swear I should have knocked first... Wait I did... but then again with no answer you would think there was no one there right? WRONG. The images from MANA and Hyde... Well OMFG are real now.

Yeah... Something about walking on them was just a bit... HOT. Anyhoo

As I was saying. So as I'm going through the rooms some of the guys were there, some of them weren't, but then again I ran into something interesting. I remember once Kuri telling me that while she was one the phone talking to Micky that she heard him moaning every so often. Well I guess she was right about ManHo and Yoochun `cause OMG! I never thought positions like that were possible.

I ran to go find Kuri to tell her he was at it again. She was kinda pissed and I knew she was still pissed at Manho for doing it the first time. I saw that evil look in her eyes and I KNEW she was planing something. What, on the other hand I had no clue. I just hoped it wouldn't get us fired.

So after talking to her, I went back to my job and finished the rooms. I was about to go to the third floor til I felt a gentle hand grab my shoulder. I looked over my should and almost died on the spot.

Junsu oppa stood there and smiled at me for a moment before asking me in SEMI good English (I mean come on, lets face it, anyone born in Asia who was not taught to speak English right away is going to have problems) if I could help him find something. He really didn't say what it was, which made me a little leery but I helped him any way. After about an hour of searching, I finally came across what looked to be vibrator (sadly it was.) I held it out for him and his eyes lit up. I tossed it to him while in my mind I kept saying 'grossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgross... wait so it is true. Junsu is a flaming queen! No wonder his ass is huge. Now just to find out who's the one- and just before I could finish the thought, Jaejoong and Changmin come... crashing in? Lip locked, half naked sort of thing and Junsu pouted... I didn't stick around to see the hotness but I did leave my camara... Thank you video production class!

(Kurai's note: GAH! I'm already SO sick of editing these things! The first one, she dictated, I translated it into something that at least SORT OF made sense (trust me, kiddies, your brains would have melted if I'd let her write THAT one x.x) and typed it. This one, I let her write it herself and fixed the spelling and grammar the best I could while still keeping my sanity in tact. So yeah... sorry if you couldn't follow this. I really couldn't either. >.<)
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