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Everyone knows Die is hilarious when he's drunk ("I'm a fwakkin wobstaa, BITCH!"), but I'd like to tell you a little-known fact...

Shinya's funnier.

Please try to save the incredulous comments for after I explain, and remember: I damn near had a heart attack myself when I saw this. I mean, I've seen him act dorky, but this was HILARIOUS.

You see, a drunken Shinya has no inhibitions, no concience, and definitely no grip on reality whatsoever.

I didn't see much of this side of him when we played that drinking game in the hall a while back, because the man has a tolerance almost as high as mine. Neither of us were drunk by the end of that game, though I admit we were a little tipsy.

This time, we completely cleared out a packey, and it was gone in one night. Mostly thanks to me, Kang Ta (man's a fish, I swear), and of course, one Terachi Shinya.

So, Shin-chan finally drinks enough to get drunk, right? And the first thing he does is strip, put his boxers on his head, and declare himself King of the Dolphin People. Then, as if to back up his claim, he runs up the stairs to the top of the water slide (we were drinking next to the pool again, since that's the only room that will fit all of us alcoholics), screams "POPSICLE ATTACK" (wtf?) in the squeakiest voice I've ever heard in my life, and slides down head-first.

I laughed so hard I fell on the floor, and took Sayuri and Hi-chan with me. For a while there, we kinda ended up stuck in a tangled ball of drunk, giggling maid, and when we finally managed to straighten ourselves out, I saw something that made me damn near piss myself laughing. Again.

Shinya and ChangMin each had one of Rose's drum sticks (I know they were his because he kept chasing them around and screaming at them to give them back) and they were running around the room, alternating between sword-fighting and "casting spells" on each other. (they got the Harry Potter "swish and flick" movement right, but I somehow doubt there's any mention of "Itchio" or "Uglius" in the movies or the books. I mean, I haven't read them, but it really doesn't seem likely)

Mind you, Shinya still had his underwear on his head, only by this time, he somehow ended up with a slipper on one foot. ChangMinnie had the other on his free hand and was using it to smack Henry upside the head every time they passed him.

Oddly enough, when Shinya yelled "dildous maximus", the biggest dildo I've ever seen actually flew out of nowhere and hit Gackt in the face. It would have hit ChangMin, had he not struck an odd pose in preperation for his next "spell" just in time.

It wasn't until the next morning that I found out Sora had thrown said dildo, and had actually been aiming for Shinya's outstretched hand.

Eventually, Satsuki got sick of the Harry Potter shit, yanked one of Die's straws out of his nose, and waved it at the offending musicians, yelling "AVADA CADABRA! I win. Shut the fuck up."

ChangMin mumbled something about pronounciation, but stopped, and Rose, having gotten his precious drum sticks back, left the room, muttering something about "the crackheads SM puts out" and "glad I left".

Of course, I'm a nice person, so, thinking I was being helpful, I cheerfully pointed out that Shinya is not, and never has been, under SM.

Rose hasn't spoken to me since.

To be honest, I have no idea what happened after that. All I know is I suddenly ended up with a lapful of warumono, who I immediatenly picked up and carried to the nearest room where we stayed for the remainder of the night.

The next morning, I showered in the room (with Kyo, of course), borrowed some of ShinDong's clothes (I'm still not sure how he ended up in bed with us, as I don't recall seeing him before I woke up that morning, but he's cuddly, so it's all good), and took my uniform down to the laundry room to be washed. The girls and I regrouped there, and that was the first I'd seen of them since falling on Yuri and Himi the night before, so if you wanna know what they were doing, you'll have to ask them.
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